Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson

The blending of pre war hill country and delta blues with early Australian folk and traditional Celtic styles has produced a truly unique sound.

“Aussie bluesman and Irish Songstress get married, form a band and make great music together. This shabby hill country blues oozes cool”. Guitar & Bass Magazine

“Covering a staggering array of instrumentation, the duo embellish impeccable rootsy originals & Robinson shows she can belt it out too.” Classic Rock Magazine

Classic Rock Heavy Rotation: “Friday Night” … More soulful seductive blues rock. The perfect soundtrack to a laid back Sunday afternoon.”

Get Ready To Rock “this album is a celebration of everything that is good about contemporary roots music, so forget the labels and just enjoy.

“Cara Robinson’s addictive voice is something that fans of roots music need in their lives” Guitarist Magazine

“With Wiley Ways, Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson have crafted as genuine a blues record as you can hope to find in this day and age – simple, powerful, full of the inherent realism we’ve come to expect from these two, a stellar effort.” Samuel J. Fell Rolling Stone

“Beautiful, raw and exciting” Jeff Lang

“A nostalgia act with a future” Classic Rock

“If these don’t move you, nothing will” Phil Jackson BITS

“Contemporary but at the same time as old as the hills” American Roots

“They pack more energy, emotion and sheer musical exuberance into one song than most manage in a whole career.” Spiral Earth, UK

“Aussie bluesman Hat Fitz and Irish-born folksinger Cara Robinson are a striking pair. He is a giant raggedy-bearded man, maybe the lost member of ZZ Top who lives deep in the woods and eats anything that moves. She is a petite blonde, who barely reaches his shoulders. He has a deep, gruff Howlin’ Wolf-esqe voice while she dances with angels in her vocal. He plays wonderful resonator guitar. Her instrument is that sweet and soulful voice. It’s all she needs…” Blues & Soul


WILEY WAYS by HAT FITZ & CARA voted Blues Album of The Year 2012 by the Australian Blues Awards and Spiral Earth magazine





“Play Me Something New”
Hat Fitz & Cara at the Sark Folk Festival 2013
“Shakedown” at Byron Bay Festival 2014
“Power” at Goezot Festival 2014
“Doing It Again” (official)
23-05-2017 DE Bluesfest Ingolstadt
24-05-2017 DE Kulturweinfest Neustadt a/d Weinstraße
25-05-2017 NL Den Heilige Cornelius Roermond
27-05-2017 BE Duvel Blues Puurs
01-06-2017 BE TBA