Ben Poole

Bookings are open for new CD release tour October 2018 February/March 2019
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International Blues/Rock/Soul guitarist, singer & songwriter Ben Poole will release his brand new third studio album “Anytime You Need Me” on Friday 14th September 2018 via Manhaton Records. The new album follows Ben’s critically acclaimed albums “Time Has Come” (2016) and “Let’s Go Upstairs” (2012).
A REALLY great player Gary Moore
So amazing! Beth Hart
Killer! Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Unbelievable! Richie Kotzen
F***ing amazing! Jeff Beck
A really fresh sound and style Paul Jones (BBC Radio 2)

When you hear comments such as the above from some of the greatest guitar players of the last century, you just know that they have heard something very special. Ben Poole is currently being described as one the most exciting young Rock, Blues & Soul artists to come out of the UK for a long, long time!

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“Stay At Mine” at Blues na Świecie
“Too Tired” at Blues na Świecie
“Longing For A Woman” at Oppe Ruiver
“Time Might Never Come” (with Henrik Freischlader)
“The Question Why” at La Traverse
Live at Z7 Pratteln
21-10-2018 NL De Vorstin Hilversum
25-10-2018 NL Paradox Tilburg
27-10-2018 NL JJ Music House Zoetermeer
28-10-2018 NL Amer Amen
30-10-2018 BE Spirit of 66 Verviers