Wille & The Bandits

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A classic rock three-piece in the vein of Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Wille & The Bandits push the sound of blues rock beyond its traditional limits, much like their predecessors did.

Having toured with artists from Deep Purple to the John Butler Trio and played major festivals across the UK and Europe, Wille & The Bandits have astounded audiences of all ages and musical backgrounds with their energetic and soulful performances. They have received great critical acclaim, being voted in the top ten must see bands at Glastonbury 2014 by BBC Radio 1 and reaching number 2 in the UK blues chart with their first single on downloads alone. Now touring their third independently released studio album Wille and the Bandits fan base, repertoire of sounds, styles and innovation seems to be growing at an exponential rate.

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1970 (Official)
“Black Magic Woman” (Cropredy Festival)
“Angel” (live)
“Gypsy Woman” (official)
27-11-2018 LU Aalt Stadhaus Differdange